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Our Mission

UR2DieFor is all about Mission.

"What mission?"

The Mission, The Great Commission.

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The Great Commision



U R 2 Die For

Born from a desire to help others to spread the gospel, U R 2 Die For is a not for profit sole trader, female owned business, with it's heart in mission.


UR2DieFor's missional vision is to

  • Help other Christions share their faith in a culturally relevant, conversation starter manner.
  • Be a sign posting point for those who are seeking to establish a faith in Jesus and to find a Christian Community to join.
  • Has vision to establish a creative community space, initialy within the local Ely, Cambridgeshire district, with a long term vision that has no roof.
  • Assist in encouraging other Christian faith communities in finding culturaly relevant missional outreach that are within their giftings.
  • All profit goes straight back in to the project with the aim to be able to seedfund others with our products in the future.


Inspiration from The Matrix films


May these creative doodles be annointed with Your Holy Spirit oh God, may they open hearts & minds, to turn towards you, the God who loves us so much He sent His son 2 die for us.


UR2DieFor started life as a tiny idea to produce a set of graffitti stickers to add to the display on lamp posts in Ely, as the practical part of my Theology and Mission assignment.

It only stayed in that tiny form for a bout 3 hours, when

I realised graffiti stickers are illegal in the UK


A friend and mentor stepped in having seen my design, and encouraged me to think bigger!

Within 24 hours

I had three designs, each with seven products and the beginings of this website.

Through prayer and talking with other creative Christians I realised that not-for-profit was where and how God was takign me. Use my skills for mission, so that all profits can be used to expand this UR2DieFor Tent

So, the UR2DieFor logo is where it all started just 5 days ago, as I type this.

I'd love to invite you on this creative, faith filled journey with me.